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I believe that I will never forget you and all I put you through but you stayed strong and never gave up on me that's one reason I’m hanging in with my job because I know you worked hard to get me here so when I want to give up I think what would Mrs. Josey say


Crystal Lowe

Line Server, Grady Memorial Hospital


"When I first met Mrs. Josey I immediately felt warmth and compassion, she was very professional and talked with experience. I appreciate how genuine and realistic she is, she put herself in our shoes hypothetically speaking and just shared with us how she would handle any situations, most people say things are easier said than done but Mrs. Josey convinced me all things are conquerable over time, having confidence and faith are key ingredients. You know you have accomplished something when you can look back a couple of months or years from now and say look what great things I have done. Mrs. Josey is an exceptional woman."


Shavonne Perry

GA Aquarium, Point of Sales Guest Server

       I was a single mother of two, trying to find some way out of the mess that I was in. Bills due, household needs, children needs - everyday necessities - life - with no job and no ambition. Then I met an angel, who we will call CJ :). CJ entered into my life at the worst possible time, as it appeared to me, but it was actually right on time. Life has a way of throwing fast and curve balls that seem almost impossible to hit. Your only thoughts are not to lose the game to bad. You never imagine that somewhere there would be an opportunity to "walk". That's how things were when my angel came into my life.

      I received more than just a pep talk to make it to 1st, 2nd & 3rd base - I receive the right to hit a home run!!!  I had come into the presence of someone that not only SAID she cared - but showed it.  From day one I was told how worthy I was to be of accomplishment. How I could do more than win - I could conquer!!  Every since that day back in 2003 I've been doing just that. I became employed with the State of Georgia as a temporary worker (thanks to my angel) and I am now a full time employee.  I was prepped to be more than a winner - I was prepped to be successful.


      In my now 10 years of employment in my current job, I have had not 1, not 2 but 4 promotions.  But I didn't stop there - I am now enrolled in COLLEGE working to achieve my bachelor's degree in accounting. Third base could only taste my dust!!!  Now when I look at my children and my life I find more than satisfaction - I find peace.  My angel helped me to understand what falling down and getting back up again truly meant. Words would never be properly placed on pen and paper or through keyboard to explain the impact my angel made on my family and I - but her actions will resound through the years. Her sincere concern, love and faith has left a milestone in my life that will remain for all of time.


      I have been blessed beyond measure to know and have been "guided" by this wonderful angel - Mrs. Catherine Josey. Till all and the end of time - I LOVE YOU.


Sabeller Lee

GA Department of Revenue, Revenue Agent

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